Wednesday, 9 February 2011


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Promoting myself

E1 Clear articulation of self-brand through development of promotional materials

talk about showreel put pics up etc

how would i get the attention of compaies, thing of imaginative ways

My career plan and justifications

Clear articulation of lifelong learning plan; (B1)
Your plan for how you intend to continue learning once you move into the workplace

C1 Justify their career plan based on research and analysis of skills/abilities.
research into companies and the industry
Description of the particular skills and attributes you believe employers are looking for in graduate job candidates

look into what companys do to employ new ppl
what do they look for?
state my strengths and weaknesses how would i fit in?

research companies
Relation of career plan to industry research and self-analysis; (C1)

The current job market and its impact on my career

A1 Detailed analysis of the current job market and its impact on their targeted career plan

Who am i and what do i want to be?

The Brief

These days the world is changing so fast on technological, economic social, and political fronts that whole industries or specialist job roles can die or be born virtually overnight. Just think of what happened to the hot metal typesetters when desktop publishing arrived, or film editors when edting suites were replaced by cheap off the shelf software packages, or the London post production specialists, now that the Chinese can deliver special effects work so much cheaper than the UK.

The bottom line is that if we don’t want to become irrelevant, and if we want to land our dream job, we need to:
a) be aware of what is going on in the wider world, in our industry and intended job role
b) reflect on what that means for us and how we need to adapt
c) learn new skills throughout our lifetime to keep us resilient to change and able to maximize our personal prosperity
d) be able to communicate effectively about our thinking and practice

To help with this, throughout your time in College, you are required to keep a Learning Blog (using the blog tool provided) of your progress in all of your studies

A series of workshops and contact with industry professionals is timetabled to complement your core studies and, as well as attending these classes, you will be shown how to access exercises and information in Moodle that you are required to